Construction of 113 t/h Boiler for
Appleton Estate, Jamaica
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Appleton is where the famous Appleton rum comes from so the traditional sugar factory steam balance is distorted by the extra steam demand of the distillery. J Wray and Nephew, the owners, therefore wanted a new, more efficient boiler to replace their existing units. As the one boiler was to replace all of the others it had to be a reliable unit. There was also a timing issue with respect to upgrading HP steam users so the boiler had to be designed for a lower initial steam pressure.

General Arrangement

The principle characteristics of the boiler are:

Evaporation113 t/hFeedwater Temperature105 C
Steam Pressure3 620 kPaBagasse Moisture48 %
Steam Temperature399 CBoiler Efficiency on GCV65 %

The initial steam pressure is 3 100 kPa.

It can be seen that the boiler is top supported. This is because Appleton is in a seismic region and it is more economic to select a top supported boiler for such requirements.