Introduction to Thermal Energy Systems
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ClewistonThermal Energy Systems, usually referred to as 'TES', was established in the mid 1980's to provide both professional services and equipment to the industrial energy sector, primarily those systems fired on agricultural waste products and bagasse in particular. Since its formation a lot of the work undertaken has been in or associated with the sugar industry, providing both engineering and project management. However, we also have experience with other biomass fuels including wood and wood waste, as can be seen from our project lists.

We engineer and undertake the detailed design of boilers and the ancilliaries which make them work, whether it is a new, greenfield boiler project or the refurbishment of an existing one. Inevitably, much of the work involves export co-generation. Where a new boiler is involved we will frequently be asked to study the entire thermodynamic cycle in order to optimise energy efficiency as part of the project engineering. We also help clients with operational problems in their boiler house.

Our range of TES combustion hardware is used by a number of internationally recognised boiler companies as well as being supplied by us for fitting to our boilers or to be retro-fitted to our clients' existing boilers when they want to upgrade them.

We are a competent specialist organisation experienced in industrial energy projects and, just as importantly, are commercially aware. We understand the constraints under which our Clients work and therefore seek the best solution to suit the circumstances.
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It is the expertise and experience of our engineering team that allows us to confidently offer to engineer complete boilers and co-generation power stations. This extends from conceptual design through basic engineering to detailed design.

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